Solving SecureInput Issue on OSX

I use TextExpander on OSX to expand  text and code snippets and since I upgraded to Mojave I’ve notice TextExpander is often blocked with ‘Secure Input prevents expansion’.

So I finally got fed up of this and tried to work through how to understand which app is causing the issue.

A little googling enabled me to find the terminal command required to find which app was causing the problem:

ioreg -l -w 0 | grep SecureInput

Once you have the results of this you need to examine them and find the process ID from the k’CGSSessionSecureInputPID field’ and then you can use it to isolate the process:

ps auxww PID

For me the results were:

Screenshot 2019-08-20 at 09.54.45

The culprit was the login window console which had not disabled SecureInput on completion – a bug no doubt.

To resolve this I did not need to logout I just needed to lock the Mac and then login again and SecureInput stated to work again.

Another culprit is often Safari I have noticed and killing safari and re-launching usually resolves the issue.

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