Using SnapChat as a User Design Philosophy

Me to my son: “Why do you snapchat on your iPhone rather than iMessage or What’s App ? Isn’t that for kids ?

My Son: It’s much easier to use than those other Apps

Me: What do you mean ?

My Son: Well, I can write a message and easily snap a  picture or a video and include it.

Me: You can do that using iMessage or What’s App

My Son: Yes, but it takes longer. For example if want to do a video I have to leave the App, shoot a video, go back create the message and then find the video and upload it. I can’t be bothered with all that. With SnapChat it is just a couple of clicks from within the App.”

Me: But don’t you just care about the message ?

My Son: Well yes, but being able to add photos or videos easily to the message makes it more interactive and it lets me capture stuff to share with my friends that words on their own don’t really put across.

Me: OK, I get it, but what if you share something that will come back to haunt you.

My Son: That is another reason I like it, because if that happens my friends can view it once and then it is deleted and not accessible.

Me: OK ,so what you are saying is that because the SnapChat user design experience is much more integrated and easier to use and that their security is better and that is the reason you use the App.

My Son: Err, I guess….


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